Katties Pools Services are specialists in the restoration, renovation and re-surfacing of existing swimming pools

With more than 10years+ experience in the pool renovation industry.

Welcome to Katties
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Whether you are looking for construction services, maintenance services or just to give your tired pool a new look, Katties Pools has it all under one roof.

About Us

With more than 10years+ experience in the pool renovation industry.

Welcome to Katties Swimming Pool Services. We are your swimming pool service provider of choice when you need a new swimming pool installed; need to fix you’re cracked or leaking pool, or need regular maintenance to keep your current swimming pool sparkling blue all year around.  What started as a part-time business has turned into a full-time passion of mine.  Our business grew via word of mouth from happy customers sending more work our way.  Today Katties Pools Services has grown to be a preferred Pool and related services partner in whole of Gauteng and Surrounds.

New Pool Installations - Pool Repairs
Pool Cleaning & Maintenance

Swimming Pool Maintenance

Get your green swamp sparkling blue and summer ready! Keep it blue with a pool maintenance Service Plan.

Swimming Pool Repair

Leaking, cracked or pool losing water! We can update, repair or install everything from the pump to the pool.

Swimming Pool Installations

Need a new pool? Speak to us about the best water-wise pool option for a very hot summer!

Quality Swimming pool equipment & chemicals by

Small or Large Pool Repairs

Crack repair
Pool pump repair
Filter replacements
Pipe repairs and leak detection
Renovations and relining
Marbelite and fibreglass repair
Swimming pool maintenance
Pool Covers
And much more...

Pool Cleaning


We provide Weekly & Fortnightly Swimming Pool Cleaning Services.

Our Swimming Pool Cleaning Services are offered on a month to month contract basis. We service pools, Jacuzzi’s / Spas, water features & ponds.

Leak Detection

Every swimming pool requires leak detection at some point, it’s just a matter of time.

A leak can occur on the swimming poolshell via the fiberglass lining or the marble plaster or via one of the swimming pool shell fixtures such as on the weir / skimmer box, aimflow or pool light casing.

Heating & Equipment

Building and maintaining a pool these days can be very costly. If one then can’t use if for more three months of the year because the water is simply too cold, it becomes a pretty poor investment. It, therefore, makes a lot of sense to add a heating system and transform your swimming experience. With modern pool heating systems, one can relax in a steaming hot pool, even in the middle of winter, or simply heat the water to a temperature where you and your family can stay in the pool for hours, without getting cold.

Fiberglass Lining

When your swimming pool has frequent leaks and the surface appears cracked, blistered or discoloured, it might be time for pool resurfacing. 

Pool linings generally last for at least 10 years but need to be replaced when wear and tear is apparent. 

The resurfacing process takes around 4-5 days and you could be using your resurfaced pool within a week.

Pool Renovations

We specialize in all aspects of pool renovation which includes resurfacing your pool with marbelite, new customized mosaic border tiles applied, waterproof high pressure piping installed as well as reinforced concrete repairs to ensure structural integrity for years to come. If you are looking to renovate your old concrete swimming pool, please contact us to receive a free quote. We specialize in concrete work and renovate pools in order to accommodate new features such as stairs, water features as well as structural alterations. Our craftsman are thoroughly trained on the key elements of pool design.

Katties Pool Services

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